Olfa Tools


Comfort Grip Premium Art & Graphics Knife

  • Both left and right handed
  • Comfort Grip
Standard Art Knife Blade (Pack of 25)
Chisel Art Knife Blade (Pack of 5)
Curved Carving Art Knife Blade (Pack of 5)
Precision Art Knife Blade (5 Blades in a Pack)

The OLFA® AK-4 art knife is designed to be held just like a pen to fee natural and comfortable in the hand, and has a cushioned rubber grip for absorbing pressure - reducing hand strain over prolonged use. The knife's weight is distributed throughout its body such that is feels perfectly balanced. Changing the blade is simple - just spin the shaft to release it, fit the new blade and spin again to lock in the new one.

The knife comes as a pack with two Precision Art Blades, a Chisel Art Blade and a Curved Carving Blade.