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Designer's Art Knife with Spatula Edge

Designer's Art Knife Blade (30 Blades + 1 Needle in a Pack)

The OLFA® AK-5 designer's art knife is a rather unique concept.

Like our other art knives, it is designed to be held just like a pen to fee natural and comfortable in the hand, but this one comes with some other features.

Firstly it comes in a pack with 30 precision art blades and a needle which can be used for plastic modelling and peeling labels. Secondly, the other end of the knife is a handy spatula that smoothes adhesive materials and moulds clay. Finally, the square-shaped spare blade case works as a standish when connected to the blade cover.

Changing the blade is simple - just spin the shaft to release it, fit the new blade and spin again to lock in the new one.