Olfa Tools


ENDURANCE™ 18mm Snap-off Blades (Pack of 10)

ABS 18mm Cutter with Auto-Lock
ABS 18mm Cutter with Wheel Lock
ABS Contoured 18mm Cutter with Wheel Lock
X DESIGN™ 18mm Cutter with Wheel Lock & Hard Metal Pick
X DESIGN™ 18mm Cutter with Auto-Lock & Hard Metal Pick
Metal Body 18mm Cutter with Auto-Lock
SYSTEM PRO-LOAD™ 18mm Cutter with Auto-Reload and Auto-Lock
OLFA® ENDURANCE™ blades are made from high carbon tool steel (SK-2) and sharper than most other snap-off blades in the world. During the manufacturing process, the following factors are perfected to ensure a good balance between sharpness and long life: Hardness Sharpening Angles Tapered Dimensions Coarseness of whetstone Speed of grinding This 18mm size is 0.5mm thick and has 8 snap segments. The blades are suitable for cutting through various types of heavy-duty materials such as plasterboard, vinyl floor tiles, carpet, insulation, and heavy vinyl wallpaper.