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Olfa Fibre Reinforced Cutter With Rubber Wrap

  • OLF/UTC1 image
  • OLF/UTC1 image
  • OLF/UTC1 image
  • Auto lock
  • Both left and right handed
  • Comfort Grip
Name Olfa Fibre Reinforced Cutter With Rubber Wrap
Cutter OLF/UTC1
Barcode 091511400694
Pack 6 / Case 240

The OLFA® UTC-1 is a heavy-duty cutter with a grip that is wrapped in rubber, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut without slipping. The elastomeric grip also takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain over long periods of use. The body is re-inforced with fibreglass, for ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and solvents. The cutter is great for cutting tough materials such as plasterboard, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials The pre-loaded ENDURANCE™ trapezoid blade can be extended out to five different positions, depending on the task, and the UTC-1's auto-lock mechanism keeps the blade firmly in place during use. The stainless steel blade channel will remain rust-free forever. Accommodates left and right-handed users.

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